Data Protection Policy

Regardless of whether you have just surfed on to the site or are a customer of ours, first of all we want to say thank you for finding Baggö Marina. At Baggö Marina, we care about your privacy and want you to feel confident that we handle your data in a respectful manner. We've done our best to explain how below.

We only collect and process the data we have use for. When you book a product or service with us, this means your contact details and information about and related to the products or services you order, e.g. information about boat and/or engine.

When you subscribe to our newsletter, in addition to your contact information, other automatic statistical data is also collected, such as where you read the letter and statistics on how you interacted with a letter, e.g. if you clicked on any links. We can also store other information, such as in which context you registered as a newsletter subscriber or if you participated in an event organized by us.

On the website, we use a data analysis tool to collect site usage data, e.g. where you are when you visit the site, which language you prefer and how long you stay on the site. Information is collected using cookies. Read more about cookies under the paragraph "Do you use cookies on the website?".

We use your information to perform the services you order, invoice and inform you about the services or products you order from us.

As a subscriber to our newsletter, you will receive messages with current events at the marina, offers and other topics that we think will be of interest to you. As a registered customer, i.e. you rent a berth or winter storage space, you also receive important information regarding the products or services you order. When you register as a customer at Baggö Marina, we automatically add you to our mailing list for newsletters.

Statistics on how you interacted with a newsletter and visitor statistics from the website are used to improve and develop our services and to be able to provide as inspiring and tailored content as possible.

We may use IT programs supplied by a third party located outside the EU to store and manage the data we use, e.g. the email provider we use to send newsletters. These providers process data in accordance with the EU personal data and data protection law and protect data according to general principles in data security.

In order to perform ordered service, we may have to share data with suppliers, subcontractors or consultants. They are shared solely for the purpose of performing commissioned work. We never share your data with third parties for marketing purposes.

The data is only stored as long as necessary.

If the information you provided in connection with your booking changes or you want to check what information we have stored, please contact us by email at

You can always update your information on the newsletter mailing list by clicking on the 'Update your information' link at the bottom of the email. Or you can send us a request at and we will do it for you. Please note that this only applies to the newsletter, to change e.g. billing address, please contact us by email.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list, you can do so by clicking on the 'Unsubscribe from mailing list' link at the bottom of the email. Or, you send us a request to and we will do it for you. After this, you will no longer be sent any newsletters. If you are a registered customer, i.e. you rent a berth or winter storage space with us, your contact details are still stored in our customer register, but you will no longer receive e-mails.

To change or delete the information you provided when booking, e.g. billing address, just send us an email to and we'll update it.

Baggö Marina uses Google's analysis tool Google Analytics, which uses cookies to collect information about the use of the website. A cookie is a short text file that the website you visit sends to your browser and the browser stores. Cookies make it easy to use the web, because they allow websites to remember useful information, such as which language you want to use and other settings.

When you visit our website, your usage data is sent to Google, where it is used to evaluate the use of the website. It gives us useful visitor statistics, such as where our visitors come from, what time they visit the site and how long they stay on the site. This helps us build the most user-friendly and informative website possible. Here you can read more about how Google uses cookies and what data Google Analytics collects.

By using Baggö Marina's website, you agree to the use of cookies as mentioned above. You can set how your browser processes cookies and delete stored cookies via the settings in your browser.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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